The Renegade’s wife, Shawna Craig, is a force to be reckoned with

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Lorenzo Lamas is a super hunk that needs no introduction. With his impressive marital arts skills, dashing good looks and acting chops, he has been in our hearts for years. However it’s his wife, Shawna Craig, that is now making waves for her charming, sultry and witty personality. In addition, she is breaking down the barriers between herself and stardom as she stars alongside Eric Roberts, Ricco Ross and Nicole Rio in the Horror/ Thriller “Story of Eva.” Craig 26, has a background in the Performing Arts and won herself 5 scholarships in college for her scholastic and fine arts achievements. As a serious actress, she is getting the recognition that she has worked for her whole life and Lamas 55, is all to eager to stand beside and support her as her dreams become reality. She has been quoted saying,” I want to create beautiful art that not only evokes emot ion but also inspires people to make positive changes in the world. If I can live my passion and use that as a platform to give a new perspective, that is all I could ever want. It’s important for me to change lives through my art and also to actively help make positive changes for the betterment of society in the real world.” Shawna has several upcoming acting projects in the works and is also dipping her toes into producing. For this upcoming starlet, the sky is the limit!

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